How to Start Homeschooling in Texas – 9-12 Accredited Home School Program

Back in 2001, America’s think tank, Brookings Institute, issued a “wake-up” call for America’s educators: “Parents are ultimately responsible for their child’s future success.” 

It appears American educators did not listen. Brookings wrote that even two years after our nation’s post COVID-19 school lockdowns, decision makers are still trying to devise new mechanisms for making our school systems stronger. Therefore, Brookings found that some parents have decided to stick with remote learning as an option for educating their children and have firmly decided to not sent their child back to in-person schooling for a multitude of reasons. 

For these parents, homeschooling is looking better and better. There are a host of benefits to homeschooling, including: 

  • You have control over your child’s education and environment. 
  • You can tailor lessons to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can control spending on homeschooling materials. 

And homeschool parents in Texas are now learning that our state has few requirements and regulations regarding how parents should educate their children at home. But parents are also learning that even the most confident of parents often experience feelings of self-doubt, conflict between siblings, socialization concerns, homeschool learning environment management challenges, questions regarding curriculum and transcripts, more than just a challenge. These matters can have influence over whether their children are eligible and qualified to enroll in colleges or universities after they graduate from their home school learning environments.

But homeschool parents have access to both hybrid options, choices, and resources. As a private high school that welcomes homeschool 9th through 12th grade parents and students to our accredited digital blended learning environment, our dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable administrative, instructional, and support staff are prepared to help homeschool parents work through complicated issues such as:

  • How to determine and select your student’s course of studies. 
  • How to assess your child’s learning progress, accomplishments, and challenges. 
  • How to remain in control of your child’s education even if a homeschool parent decides to enroll their students in supplemental remote learning.

How Do I Sign Up for Homeschool?

Learning more about how to address such challenges is a simple phone call away. At Meridian Academy, we will help you identify your homeschooling needs, concerns, and challenges and discuss viable options. These discussions could include discussions about how to:

  1. Withdraw your student from his/her current public school.
  2. Set up your homeschooling curriculum. Meridian Academy already has a 4-year plan
  3. tailored to your student.
  4. Join one or more Homeschooling support groups, beginning by enrolling in Meridian Academy. Making friends and learning from them will help build your confidence, enjoyment, and expertise in homeschooling your student.

How Do I Withdraw My Child from Public School to Homeschool?

Transferring from public school to homeschool is easy in Texas. You will need to write a letter to the public of the school and include the date that you will begin homeschooling You may also want to:

  • Hand deliver the letter. 
  • Get copies of your student’s records/transcripts. 
  • Return books. 
  • Settle financial accounts. 
  • Gather personal items.

Getting Organized

How to Organize Homeschool Supplies

You will need regular school supplies, along with a laptop or notebook, internet connection, printer/scanner. Stock up on shelves and storage boxes, baskets, and buckets as early as possible to stay organized.

How to Set Up Your Homeschool Classroom

A separate room is ideal, but a cozy corner outside of household traffic works well. Make sure you have:

  • Good lighting through windows and/or lamps.
  • Writing surface and comfortable chairs.
  • Wall space for whiteboard and bulletin board. 
  • Shelving.

Understanding Texas Homeschool Laws

Texas is one of the best states to homeschool in the U.S.

Texas homeschooling laws DO require that:

  • Instruction must be bona fide (i.e., Not a sham).
  • The curriculum must be in visual form (e.g., books, workbooks, video monitor).
  • Curriculum must include reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and good citizenship.

Texas DOESN’T require:

  • A minimum number of days per year of instruction.
  • Parent requirements for homeschooling.
  • A minimum number of hours to homeschool each day.
  • School districts approve or not approve curricula used for homeschooling.
  • Homeschool students can complete any Department of Education recognized standardized tests. NOTE: Colleges and universities DO require certain standardized test scores. If your student is college-bound, be sure to do this.

How to Homeschool Multiple High Schoolers at the Same Time

Plan, plan, plan! Set up separate study areas for each student when possible. Meridian Academy will be here to help guide you through the process!

How to Make Homeschool Fun

Fun for high schoolers is usually physical activity and/or involves interaction with friends, music and, often, video games. Plan diversity into your daily routine. Enlist your high schooler for ideas.

How to Socialize Homeschoolers

Be prepared to drive for a while! Find a church with an active youth group, clubs, library events, team sports, volunteering opportunities or places to work. 

How to Make Friends as a Homeschooler

Get involved in community activities. Meet other homeschoolers. Learn with other people in classes and group field trips. Go online to see what your community offers!

How to Incorporate Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Go online for ideas – Pinterest is a great resource! Talk to other homeschool parents. Most communities offer field trips.

Get creative by including schoolwork in your normal outings. 

Can Homeschoolers Play Sports

Texas homeschooled students can participate in public school sports & arts activities through the University Interscholastic League.

How Much Does It Cost to Homeschool in Texas

As of May 2022, homeschooling in Texas costs between $700 and $1800 per student per school year for materials, books, curriculum, and school activities. 

Do Homeschooling Parents Get Paid to Homeschool

No. Texas does not offer a program to pay parents for homeschooling.

How to Homeschool and Work Full Time

Homeschool works best when at least one of the parents works from home. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, so it is important to:

  • Assign a learning coach (or rely on Meridian Academy).
  • Be flexible with your student and stay involved.
  • Use resources from Meridian Academy to check in on your student’s progress regularly.

How to Keep Homeschool Records

Texas Homeschool law does not require recordkeeping. However good records give your student proof of education to:

  • Continue higher education.
  • Enter the military. 
  • Pass an employer’s background check.

Meridian Academy keeps records for you, and will:

  • Keep a grade book.
  • Create report cards.
  • Create transcripts. 

How to get a High School Diploma from Homeschool

In Texas, the parents determine when their student has fulfilled graduation requirements. Meridian Academy requires students to complete 25% of the courses to receive a high-school diploma.

How Do I Choose Homeschool Curriculum?

  • Parents have multiple options for choosing homeschool curriculum that help students meet our state’s high school graduation requirements. Those options include allowing Meridian Academy to align your homeschool curriculum choices with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirements, project-based and work-based individualized learning plans, and paths-toward-graduate that meet State of Texas high school graduation requirements.

How Hard is it for Parents to Homeschool?

Only you can answer this question. However, Meridian Academy takes the guesswork out. We provide access to an online digital environment structured to meet the personalized needs of homeschool students. Most online and community resources are available to help you homeschool. Meridian Academy is your go-to resource to make your family’s homeschooling experience more successful and less stressful!

What Documents are Needed for Homeschool Students to enroll in Meridian Academy?

Students must be 15 years old, complete the SAT10 assessment, and pay the application fee to enroll in Meridian Academy. Meridian Academy offers three enrollment periods: Spring (Jan-May), Summer (June-August), and Fall (Sept-Dec) each year. As well as open enrollment and access to year round supplemental and educational services such as;  touring , farming out a class/credits, College Prep ACT/SAT classes, dual credit programs and work-based learning.

But we are open and ready to take your call and answer your questions Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Or you can contact us to schedule an appointment to visit us at the below address during our normal business hours:

Meridian Academy
6220 Westpark Drive, Suite 180
Houston, TX, 77057

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