Solving High School For Unique Learners

Discover our accredited online program for earning your high school diploma, college credits, and professional certifications, personalized just for your student.

Ace Scholarships Available

Regionally Accredited

Personalized Curriculum

Earn Dual Credit

Flexible Schedule

Career Certifications

Increase Academic Support or Elevate the Challenge

Traditional high schools struggle to meet the needs of unique learners. Meridian Academy caters to diverse learners through a personalized approach, ensuring each student receives the support or challenge they need for success.

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Solving High School For Unique Learners

Ace Scholarships Available

Regionally Accredited

Personalized Curriculum

Earn Dual Credit

Flexible Schedule

Career Certifications

Online 9th - 12th Grade Learning

An entirely personalized program where students can either earn their high school diploma or select specific classes to advance at their own pace.

Only Enroll in the Classes You Need

Ideal for part-time learners, we offer opportunities to earn credits or participate in the College-Level Examination Program.

State Voucher & ESA Compatible

We’re proud to be Cognia accredited and an authorized vendor for state voucher and ESA programs, ensuring quality education and accessible funding options.

Professional Certifications

Unlock career certifications and industry-based certifications (IBC) with Meridian Academy.

Earn Dual College Credit

(AP, Honors, University Partnerships)

Partnered with Houston Christian College and Lone Star College to provide dual credit courses to save families time and tuition!

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“The instructors provide such personalized instruction and genuinely care about the way my daughter learns. I see how excited she is to log on and see her teachers & friends.”


“It’s the best of both worlds. My schedule is incredibly flexible and I can learn on my own time while still being able to meet virtually or in person with my teacher. I am now a proud high school graduate.”

2022 Candidate

“This was such a great experience and exactly what me and my family needed. Through their courses and job placement programs, I can jump start my career in law enforcement.”

2017 Candidate

A High School Education The Way You Want to Learn

Next Level Learning

We believe in each student’s ability to define their own success in education. Our teachers provide individualized learning plans that create learners for life.

Social Environment

We believe that our students benefit from collaboration and strong social bonds. Our program fosters connection between classmates online and in-person.

Career-Ready Competencies

We believe in equipping our students with practical skills for the evolving job market. Our program offers tailored training modules that ensure each learner is prepared for real-world challenges.

State of the Art Tools

We believe in investing in our student’s learning. We utilize the best technology and curriculum available to support their journey.

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Take Dual College Credit Courses.
Professional Certifications Available.
College Prep Solutions Offered.
Resume Review & Coaching.
Job Placement.

Jump Start Your Career.

Experience college and career pathways while still in high school.

Imagine your credits counting towards high school, college, and career certifications this year!

Proven Results (& Salaries) for Graduates

For over three decades, we've tailored our approach to best serve students, seeing over 1,000 accredited high school graduates who’ve stepped into incredible careers.

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Allied Health Carer

CNA, Nurse, Dental Assistant

$40K Starting Salary

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Military Service 

Airforce, Army, Navy

$35-55K Starting Salary +Bonus Free College

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College Acceptance

State Universities

Up to $50K in Saved Tuition

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College Board
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