Meridian Academy, L.L.C. Welcomes New Head of School!

Meridian Academy, L.L.C. is pleased to welcome Dr. Jennie Larry Johnson as our new Head of School.

Harris, TX (PRUnderground) September 7th, 2022

Meridian Academy, L.L.C. is a rapidly growing private high school based in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to provide our students with equitable learning opportunities, high expectations mindsets, supportive learning environments, real-world active and collaborative learning experiences, progress monitoring, and performance, improvement-driven feedback needed to succeed within a digital learning environment.

Dr. Jennie Larry Johnson
Dr. Jennie Larry Johnson

Dr. Jennie Larry Johnson is expected to make a tremendous impact by joining the administrative team as Head of School! She is a learning and performance solutions architect and has attained a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies with a Workforce Development and Leadership major as well as a Master of Science degree in Learning Technologies with an instructional design focus. Dr. Johnson’s research interests include learning and cognition, workforce training and development instructional designs, human performance improvement, and training and development. Her goal is to create self-directed learners ready to excel in academic performance by adopting a growth mindset. Dr. Johnson’s primary objective is to provide learners with expert, seasoned, and experienced educational services customized and tailored to meet their individualized learning needs. Dr. Johnson accomplishes her goal by applying research and evidence-based theoretical approaches to achieve maximum cognitive load. She strives to use empirical research and science to effect organizational change and facilitate systematic and human performance improvements within the education, charitable, and corporate arenas.

“Dr. Johnson will be a perfect fit as Head of School with all her years and areas of expertise in education as well as workforce development“, said Christine AboudCEO & Co-founder of SMLA. “With Dr. Johnson onboard, we plan to expand our footprint nationally as an online high school for today’s learner where online learning can be interactive and engaging with today’s technology and robust LMS systems”, said Zack Zakhem, Co-founder of SMLA.

Meridian Academy, L.L.C. exists to assist students in achieving their educational and career goals by providing rigorous, relevant, cutting-edge, and technology-based education and instruction within a unique digital learning environment. Our digital learning platform is tailored to deliver individualized and personalized educational content and instruction. Meridian Academy, L.L.C. programs and services are provided by a dedicated and highly qualified and experienced team of administrators, staff, educators, and teachers.

About St. Michael’s Learning Academy (SMLA)

SMLA provides service to professional adults who are seeking vocational/career training in some of today’s high-demand career fields. These individuals are seeking to qualify for advanced jobs which require specific knowledge and expertise that can be gained through our programs. Together we have provided upskill IT and professional training to organizations and individuals such as professionals, veterans, government entities, fortune 500 companies, and the public sector